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AI personal assistant

Updated: 4 days ago

I'm not sure about you, I've been watching AI come out onto the scene and several months have past, but AI didn't suddenly erupt on the web as if we never saw it coming. AI has been cleverly working in the background through all kinds of means.

It dates back to the 1950's, that was approx. 70 years ago, or one generation ago that our grandfathers and great grandfathers were considering machine intelligence.



"Computer scientist Alan Turing proposes a test for machine intelligence. If a machine can trick humans into think it is human, then it has intelligence."

In 1997, Deep Blue, a chess playing computer from IBM defeats world class champion Garry Kasparov.

We can see from very early on, the computer is becoming very smart, it has been trained to learn the very best moves in-order to take out its component, think several steps ahead, and perhaps play out every scenario with each move.

On the 30th of November 2002, OpenAI launched its official chatbot and virtual assistant (ChatGPT) which seemed to open the doorway to another dimension, and out of it, we have seen hundreds of AI apps online.

What kind of AI apps?

  1. Chatbot

  2. Art

  3. Copywriting

  4. Video game

  5. Image editing

  6. Sound

  7. ChatGPT (in itself is an app)

  8. Email

  9. Healthcare

  10. Social media

  11. E-commerce

  12. Research

  13. Speech recognition

  14. Vehicle

  15. Video editing

  16. Dating etc..

Just about anything you can think of is being consumed by the AI.

Whether this kind of technology should be in the hands of the average person, is questionable.

Nevertheless, we are here, and we need to consider, how much time we should invest in such a risky technology.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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