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AI Tags

Updated: 4 days ago

AI Tags are not your average Tags used in publishing software, i.e. WordPress and other blogger sites.

First of all, AI tags are tags which are generated by the process of AI (artificial intelligence), and so there is no human interception in the generation of these tags.

If I share a bible verse, my AI assistant will try to determine the content.

The bible could be considered a very old book of ancient history and science but of course I do not want it to be categorized as such not in the passage I have given it, even though there are clearly examples of both history and science in it.

Based on the predefined tags, this is what my AI assistant generated... amazing!

  1. Bible

  2. Christianity

  3. KingJames (No spaces)

But what if share something, say Post A, B and C, and rather than it consistently using the expected tag, the outcome is a little varied, for example:

Random behaviour...

  1. Post A → Tag A

  2. Post B → Tag B

  3. Post C → Tag C

And so in-order to get the results you want, you need to train your AI assistant. Only then can you benefit from having something such as AI.

Use cases

Another possibility is the reinvention of what it means to Tag other than its conventional use.

What if Tagging was more than a tagged post.

"More than meets the eye..."

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