How to create good, authentic content

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

That is the long pressing question, how do I create good, authentic content. Well if you've looked recently on any social media platform, you would have seen a ton of selfies, travel photos, personal writing and blogs, recipes shared, ideas dreamt, knowledge shared across friends, families and groups. All of the above is great, but does it answer the question - How to create good, authentic content?

Be you

Here are two things you may not have been expecting, the first. Just be you. If you want to be authentic, don't try to be anyone else but you. If you're a little different from everyone else, that is absolutely fine. Everyone suffers from something, but don't make it your curse, make it your positive point and use it. There are endless stories of human suffering and how they were able to overcome such a great obstacle and their story became very empowering for many others. Great stories!!

Be bold

The second point, is be bold. You may not have all your ducks lined up, but go out and be bold. You may even get many doors closed on you but the key here is to be persistent. Keep going, I love to read many books to my daughter but one that comes to mind is the story of Toot - the world's tiniest whale. A story about a tiny whale who overcame many obstacles to find the sea.

Like Jonah of the Bible who was called to preach a message of destruction to the city of Nineveh, boldly set foot inside where he himself might be killed, was the cause and action of his one great faith and one great God! And the city repented of its wicked ways.


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