Tired of repetitive and mundane tasks?

Everyone loves to go work in the "cool" new place, with latest designs and bleeding-edge technology but mention repetitive and mundane tasks and your team begins to fall asleep. Productivity begins to shrink somewhere in the corner and your team tries to find some ounce of happiness from buying extra energy drinks or hoping the clock will go faster!

Repetitive tasks are not fun and it takes high discipline to stay focused and output the work in a streamline manner. They're not fun because it's the same task over and over and over again. Usually passing these kinds of tasks to junior members on your team, but only creates discouragement for them as others swoop ahead into new exciting technology and they have felt left behind.

How can you make repetitive tasks more fun?

Spending a lot of time with repetitive tasks I learned to master the art of making it fun. The way to do that is to look for something meaningful inside of the repetitive task. For example working with CSS can feel repetitive at times especially if your not relying on SASS or some other pre-processor. You may need to write the CSS line: font-size: 16px; numerous times throughout your CSS, or perhaps you can learn the native CSS way to write a variable and then pass that variable back into the CSS font property.

This knowledge can then be shared with your peers, and applied to future work flow processes, applying the principal of DRY (Do not repeat yourself)!

How can we come to your aid?

If you have repetitive and mundane tasks and understand how these little tasks can build up and cause your team headaches, then by all means, package it all up and send it our way. We are more than happy to do any repetitive tasks, to ensure your team stays highly motivated and productive!

Keep your team happy and focused!


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